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Gym Package 1186

Gym Package 1186

Availability: In stock

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SKU: GP-1186

Categories: Gym Packages, Sold Gym Packages

Need to sell this weight equipment quick!  Make an offer, no reasonable offer will be refused

Call 1-800-379-1602 ext 0 ask for Ryan to discus pricing.  Ready to ship/deliver asap.
Photos per request

 Weight Equipment
1  Brown Eagle Lat. Raise Machine
2  Brown Eagle Lat. Pulldown Machine
1  Brown Eagle Leg Ext. Machine
3  Brown Eagle Shoulder Fly Machine
1  Brown Eagle Tricep Machine
1  Brown Eagle Back Extension Machine  
1  Brown Eagle Abdomial Extension Machine  
1  Brown Eagle Shoulder Press Machine
2  Brown Eagle Bicep Curl Machine
2  Brown Eagle standing hip
4  Brown Eagle Prone leg Curl Machine
1  White Eagle Row Machine
3  White Eagle Back Machine
1  White Eagle Pullover Machine
1  Cybex leg press
1  Cybex leg press Modular uint
2  White Cybex Back ext. Machine
1  White Cybex Abdonimal Machine
1  White Eagle Leg Shoulder Machine
2  White Eagle Leg curl Machine
1  Cable column
4  Dumbell Rack with weights
1  BM Chest Press Machine
1  BM Leg Ext.
2  BM Shoulder Press
1  BM CM44 - Leg Ext.
1  BM Standing hip
1  BM Abdomial
1  BM Torso Rotation
1  BM Back Ext.
1  Magium Leg Curl
1  Magium Deltoid
1  Magium Leg Ext/Curl
1  Paramount Bicep curl
1  Paramount Abdomial
1  Paramount Tricep ext.
  Trotter Row
1  Trotter Leg Curl
1  Trotter Multi Gym
1  Vetra Multi Gym
1  Pryamid Leg Ext
1  Pryamid Prone Leg Curl
1  Pryamid Torso Rot.
1  Rehab System Back Ext.
1  Rehab System Abdomial
1  Gravsport Tricep ext.
2  Weight Bench
2  Strive weight equipment

Condition Cleaned & Serviced

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