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Used Fitness Equipment Inventory


Keiser Classic spin bike indoor cycle $550 each 10 to choose from
Schwinn AC Performance Indoor cycle spin bike $1,325 each NEW IN BOX (overstock only 4 available)
Nautilus XPload Half Rack $1,995 includes Xpload bench ($500 value)
Nautilus Adjustable Cable Column $1,450 each (2 available)
TechnoGym 4 stack multi gym high/low, tri, adjustable column $2,795
cybex assisted chin dip modular station - $1,450
Hammer Strength Hammer Jammer $895
TechnoGym single stations: shoulder press, chest press, incline press, arm curl, arm extension $1,350 EACH
Life Fitness 9500 recumbent bikes $1,250 each
cybex multi-hip $850
the butt blaster $1,095
BodyMasters laying leg press $1,650
cybex vr glute $1,250
Cybex ab machine $950
BodyMasters 220 Ab $950
cybex rotary hip $1,250
Icarian adjustable cable crossover $1,550
cybex 630A arc trainer (LIKE NEW!!!!) $3,150
Life Fitness 9500 NG treadmill $1,995 (cleaned, serviced, great working order)
life fitness 95x inspire elliptical $3,150 (wow!)
BodyMasters 221a ab $1,250
promaxima 2 stack with lat pulldown and low row $1,350
nautilus freedom trainer dual cable cross $2,250
cybex 2 stack gym with chest, fly, ab, bench press, swivel pulley, lat pull, seated row $1,995
precor s3.21 multi gym $2,150
iron man inversion table (like new) $185

 Precor Trm 833/pvs
Cybex 530 T
Precor C954
Precor 966i/PVS
Precor 932i
SCIFIT Pro2 total body ergometer
Spinner bikes
Matrix T3x
Star Trac Pro 5600
Star Trac Pro 7600
Precor C964i
Life Fitness 95Ti
Star Trac Pro 4500
Life Fitness 95Te
Life Fitness 95T
Cybex 530T
Precor ellipticals
Lifespan RW1000 rowers
Cybex 455T
Sports Art 6320b
Cybex 425.00
Bowflex TC 6000
Techno Gym 957 Excite
Life Fitness 91Ti
Precor C934
Fitnex T60
Nautilus TC 916
Endless Rope Machine
Precor C932
Life Fitness 9500.00
Life Fitness 90Ti
Life Fitness 90T
Star Trac E Tr
Star Trac E Tr
Matrix T3
Star Trac E Tr / PVS
Smooth Fitness Evo 3cd
Landice L7/Pvs
Landice L7
Vision Fitness T9700
Precor 946i
Vision Fitness T9700
Sports Art T630
Precor EFX 546i
Precor EFX 546
Precor EFX 546
Precor EFX 564i
Precor EFX524
Precor EFX 532
Precor EFX 556
Life Fitness 95Xi
Octane Q35e
Dimond Fitness 1150ex
Star Trac eTBT
Vision Fitness x6600
Vision Fitness x6750
Precor EFX 576i
Cybex 700.00
Cybex 500.00
Precor C846
Stairmaster 3300ce
Star Trac Pro Rb
Stairmaster 3400.00
Sci-fit 7000.00
Schwinn Spinner Elite
Star Trac V Bike
Pelton Fit Youth Cycle
Schwinn Spinner Comp.
Keiser Spinbike
Star Trac Johnny G Spinner
Schwinn Spinner Pro
Reebok Studio Cycle
Star Trac Espinner
Vision Fitness R2600
Matrix R5x
Vision Fitness R2700
Fitnex R 70
Vision Fitness R1400
Schwinn 203.00
Nordic Trac 9600.00
Cybex R530
Cybex Cyclone 530
Sports Art C5150
Stairmaster Rec. Bike
Star Trac 4400.00
Precor 846i
Vision Fitness 2700.00
Life Fitness 95re
Stairmaster 3600.00
Sports Art 7100.00
Tectrix Personal Climber
Star Trac 4100.00
Sci-fit Pro 2
Air Bike Air Bike
Stairmaster 4200pt
Stairmaster 4600cl
Stairmaster 4000pt
Techno Gym Wave
Matrix E 5x
Vision Fitness E3800
Star Trac TBT
Schwinn Air-Dyne
Precor 835 / PVS
Cybex Bike Max 3000
Stairmaster SM916
Schwinn Evelution SR
Nordic Trac 9600 Incline
Star Trac S Ubx
Matrix 7xe
Star Trac P St
Matrix T7xe
Precor 576i
Precor 546i
Matrix S5xe
Precor 576i
Matrix U3x
Fitnex R70
Fitnex Momentum
Quantum Q210c Stride
Stairmaster SC916
Life Fitness 95xe
Sports Art E825
Stairmaster 7000pt
Stairmaster Stepmill
Star Trac TBT/PVS
Star Trac E Rb
Star Trac P TBT
Star Trac E TBT
Precor 534i
Vision Fitness R 2700
Vision Fitness X 6600
Precor 546
Fitnex E 70
Cybex Arc Trainer / PVS
Precor 556i
Life Fitness 95c
Hammer Strength Iso lateral Bench Press
Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Incline Bench
Hammer Strength Leg Extension
Hammer Strength Iso lateral Leg Curl
Hammer Strength GroundBase Jammer
Hammer Strength Pullover
Freemotion Quad
Freemotion Lift
Paramount Lower Back
Paramount Leg Curl
Paramount Rotary Upper Back
Paramount Shoulder Press
Paramount Abdominal
Paramount Functional Trainer
Paramount Leg Press
Paramount Lat Pull
Life Fitness Seated Leg Curl
Cybex Classic Leg Press
Cybex VR Arm Curl
Cybex VR Arm Extention
Cybex VR 2 Duel Axis Chest Press
Cybex VR 2 Leg Extention
Cybex VR 2 Chest Press
Cybex Classic Lat Pull
Pyramid Rotary Torso
Cybex Classic Leg Extention
Cybex Classic Tricep Press
Cybex Classic Multi-Hip
Cybex Classic Abdominal
Cybex Classic Back Extention
Cybex Classic Rotary Torso
Cybex Classic Shoulder Press
Cybex Classic Arm Curl
Cybex VR 2 Hip Abduction
Cybex VR 2 Hip Adduction
Life Fitness Pro Adduction
Life Fitness Pro Abduction
Cybex VR 2 Back Extention
Maximus Multi-Press / Mid Row
Nautilus Steel Abdominal
Cybex Classic Tricep Extention
Cybex VR 2 Fly
Cybex VR 2 Duel Axis Row / Rear Delt
Cybex VR 2 Duel Axis Overhead Press
Cybex VR 2 Overhead Press
Life Fitness Signature Back Ext.
Cybex VR 2 Dual Axis Overhead Press
Cybex Classic Pullover
Cybex Classic Lateral Raise
Cybex Classic Pec/Fly
Cybex Classic Prone Leg Curl
Cybex Classic Lying Leg Press
Cybex Classic Chest Press
Maximus Seated Knee Flex / Extention
Maximus Lat / Low Row
Life Fitness Pro Shoulder Press
Life Fitness Pro Tricep Machine
Life Fitness Pro 2 Hip Adduction
Life Fitness Pro Lat Pull
Life Fitness Pro Abdominal
Life Fitness Pro Low Back Extention
Life Fitness Pro Hip Abduction
Life Fitness Pro Hip Adduction
Life Fitness Pro Seated Leg Press
Body Masters Standing Leg Curl
Body Masters Chest Press
Body Masters Row
Body Masters Pec / Rear Delt
Body Masters Arm Curl
Body Masters Seated Ab
Body Masters Lateral Raise
KoKo V3 Smartrainer
Precor 885 / Pvs
Star Trac Instinct Pulldown
Star Trac Instinct Ab / Low Back
Star Trac Instinct Lock&Load Pec / Rear
Star Trac Instinct Shoulder Press
Star Trac Instinct Row
Star Trac Impact Abdominal
Star Trac Instinct Biceps Curl
Star Trac Impact Fly
Star Trac Instinct Leg Extention
Star Trac Instinct Chest
Star Trac Instinct Triceps Extention
Nautilus Steel Abduction / Adduction
Nautilus Steel Vertical Chest
Nautilus Steel Overhead
Nautilus Steel Compound Row
Nautilus Steel Triceps Press
Nautilus Steel Leg Press
Matrix G3 Olympic Incline Bench
Hammer Strength Preacher Curl
Hammer Strength Seated Bicep
Hammer Strength Lat Pullover
Life Fitness Pro Arm Extention
Life Fitness Pro Bicep Curl
Life Fitness Pro Leg Extention / Curl
Life Fitness Pro Arm Curl
Life Fitness Pro Chest Press
Life Fitness Pro Seated Dip
Paramount Seated Chest
Paramount Tricep Extention
Paramount Rotary Chest
Paramount Rotary Lat Pull
Paramount Biceps Curl
Paramount Tricep Extension
Paramount Multi-Hip
Cybex Advanced Pulldown
Cybex Advanced Incline Press
Cybex Advanced Chest
Cybex Advanced Shoulder
Cybex Advanced Mid Row
Cybex VR2 Chest Press
Cybex VR2 Dual Axis Row / Rear Delt
Cybex VR2 Seated Leg Curl
Cybex VR2 Overhead Press
Cybex VR2 Dual Axis Chest
Cybex VR2 Row / Rear Delt
Cybex VR2 Ab Crunch
Cybex VR Leg Press
Cybex VR2 Fly
Cybex VR2 Rotary Calf
Cybex VR2 Pulldown
Cybex VR2 Arm Curl
Cybex VR2 Hip Adduction
Cybex VR2 Back Extension
Cybex VR2 Arm Extension
Cybex VR2 Leg Extension
Cybex VR2 Adduction
Cybex VR2 Leg Extention
Cybex Classic Wrist & Forearm
Cybex Classic Shoulder Internal Ext.
Cybex Classic Multi Neck
Cybex Classic Tricep Extension
Cybex Classic Incline Press
Matrix G3 Abdominal
Matrix G2 Abdominal
Matrix G2 Back Extension
Matrix G2 Leg Press
Cybex VR Ab Crunch
Cybex VR Rotary Hip
Cybex Classic Fly
Cybex VR Glute
Cybex Classic Leg Extension
Cybex Classic Triceps Press
Cybex Classic Multi-Neck
Cybex VR Arm Extension
Cybex Classic Row
Parabody VKR
Misc. Deadlift Stand
Maxicam Barbell Rack
Icarian Seated Row
Maxicam Seated Calf
Misc. Ab Crunch
Precor Back Extension 313
Nautilus Xpload 4 way neck
Precor FLT 540 Bench Press
Nautilus Back Extension
Nautilus Triceps Press
Body Masters 213 Rowing
Body Masters 211 Torso Rotation
Body Masters Ab / Adduction
Body Masters Back Extention
Body Masters 320 Shoulder Press
Body Masters 310 Chest Press
Freemotion Step
Freemotion Hamstring
Body Masters 119 Glute
Hammer Strength Seated Tricep
Precor Ab Bench AB 103
Inflight Multi-Pull
Inflight Multi-Press
Inflight Ab / Torso Low Back
Inflight Biceps curl / Triceps Press
Inflight Leg Extension / Leg Curl
Inflight Fly / Rear Delt
Inflight DB Rack
Quantum Power Crunch 1000
Misc. Utility Bench
Body Masters 3 Stack Circuit
Misc. Ab Board & Ladder
Lamar Fitness Decline Set up Bench
Misc. Olympic Bench
Misc. Olympic Bar Rack
Misc. Olympic Decline
Star Trac Flex Low Row
Concept ll Indoor Rower pm2
Maximus Seated Bicep / Tricep
Maximus Seated Knee Extension
Nautilus 2 Tier DB Rack
Nautilus Compound Row
Nautilus Triceps Extension
Nautilus Bench Press
Nautilus FID Bench
Nautilus Flat Bench
Nautilus Pec Fly
Star Trac Elite TBT
Life Fitness Life Cycle 9100
Star Trac E Spinner
Summit Summit Cycle
Cybex VR Fly
Cybex VR Back Ext
Star Trac Instinct Leg Press / Calf Raise
Misc. Small 2 Tier DB Rack
Cybex Olympic Plate Tree
Life Fitness 9500 HR
Bowflex Treadclimber
Precor Abench AB100
Life Fitness 93ti
Hammer Strength MTS Biceps Curl
Life Fitness 9100.00
Life Fitness 93R
Precor UBK 815
Precor AMT 100i
Misc. Olympic Flat Bench
Cybex O - 90 Degree Bench
Hammer Strength MTS Decline Press
Hammer Strength MTS Triceps Extension
Cybex Modular Cable Crossover
Life Fitness 91 Ti
Star Trac Pro Stepper