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Medical & Rehabilitation

Medical treadmills feature a very slow starting speed of 0.5 and adjust speed with very small increments.  Rehab and medical treadmills also feature medical handrails and wider running belts for stability. A powerful 4 or 5HP motor supports patients weighing up to 600lbs.

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  1. Amped Fitness Commercial Treadmill Belt

  2. Landice L9 Treadmill ( with medical handrails)

    Landice L9 Treadmill features VFXPlus Shock Absorption System that is five times softer than grass Learn More
  3. Spirit CT800 Medical Handrails

    Large Blue-LED Matrix Window w/20-Character Message Center, and 4 Separate LED Windows, w/ Integrated Reading Rack. Learn More
  4. TR8000i Medical Treadmill

    Specific medical fitness capabilities set the TR8000i Medical Treadmill apart and provides the best health equipment available. Rugged construction also characterizes the TR8000i with a durable 5 Hp AC permanent magnet electric motor and a heavy duty frame for stability and endurance. The running surface is a spacious 22" x 62" and the unit includes industry leading medically appropriate capabilities and the exclusive LifeSpan technology. Learn More
  5. Woodway Treadmill

    The ELG is the ultimate training tool for athletes seeking to take their sports performance training to the highest level. Learn More
5 Item(s)