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  1. Omega 2 (Two Weight Stack Gym)

    While enjoying a perfectly balanced, full body workout, you will notice two distinct performance characteristics of the Omega 2; ultra smooth movements and quiet performance Learn More
  2. Batca Fusion 4 Upper Body Station

    The FZ-1 Upper Body Unit has all of the features that you would expect to find in four commercial single station machines that would cost four times as much and use four times the amount of space Learn More
  3. Omega 4 (Four Weight Stack Gym)

    Based on single station design principles, The Omega 4 offers a complete circuit of refined exercise stations without compromise. Evenly balanced stations allow each user to exercise in a very comfortable amount of space. The smooth and quiet performance leads to an unmatched full body workout. Learn More
  4. Fusion 4 Fully Optioned

    Modern Styling and elegant architecture make the Fusion 4 not only the most attractive choice but also the smartest. All exercises are performed from the front of the gym allowing optimal placement and the most efficient use of space. Featuring the FZ-1 Upper Body Unit, FZ-3 Lower Body Unit, FZ-7 Functional Trainer Learn More
  5. Fusion 3

    Adherence to commercial design principles makes The Fusion 3 the most feature rich and highest quality personal gym available. A smart balance of fixed path and free cable exercise stations ensure an unsurpassed workout experience. Learn More
  6. G5S Single Stack

    6 Station Gym for both your home and light commercial fitness center. Learn More
  7. G9S Two-Stack Gym

    The G9 arrangement of rec centers emphasizes a multi-capacity Press Arm Station for seat press, slope press, shoulder press and midsection backed mid column works out. Learn More
  8. DGYM Multistack

    The Pro Dual Line offers 10 dual function stations that can be used in single or multiple stack arrangements. The combinations are endless, allowing you to customize the equipment to best suit your training needs. Learn More
  9. F400 Single Station

    Body-Solid's Fusion 400 Functional Trainer is designed to do something no other functional training gym does: expand the user's anatomical planes of motion by engineering a revolutionary new press arm and pulley system with isolateral 250 degree pivots for unmatched versatility and function. Learn More
  10. G6B Single Station

    The Bi-Angular press arms of the G6B guide you through the optimal natural range-of-motion while applying resistance from two directions simulaneously. This smooth, fluid, multi-directional resistance system automatically produces 25% more muscle interaction by eliminating the ability to rest your chest muscles. Learn More
  11. G5S Single Stack

    6 Station Gym for both your home and light commercial fitness center. Learn More
  12. Cybex Eagle Multi Hip

    This Cybex Eagle Multi Hip may also be part of a complete circuit. Learn More
  13. Liberator - 3 Stack, 4 Station with FULL Shrouds

    Exercise stations: ·Lat Pull and Shoulder Press ·Leg Ext/Curl, Bicep Curl, Low Row ·Chest Press, Overhead Tricep, Ab Crunch ·Leg Press (Optional) Learn More
  14. Vanguard - 2 Stack, 3 Station with FULL Shrouds

    Lat Pull, Triceps Pushdown, Decline, Chest, Incline and Shoulder Presses, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Biceps Curl, Seated Row. Learn More
  15. Magnum Varsity Multi-station Transformer (3-stack) MST500

    When it comes to strength equipment, this user friendly multi-gym tops them all. Every aspect of this piece is adjustable with the use of lever locks and the unique free arm design. Learn More
  16. Nautilus NS4000 Multi-Gym

    The NS 4000 offers twelve conventional exercise stations, including a low Dual-pulley station and one high Dual-pulley station for functional training access as well. Learn More
  17. ProMaxima 3-Stack Multi-Gym P-124

    This ProMaxima 3-Stack Multi-Gym P-124 may also be part of a complete circuit. Learn More
  18. 5 Stack Multi-Jungle – DAP Package

    5 Stack Multi-Jungle – DAP Package was designed to unify the architecture, component, aesthetics and quality of the Torque Fitness selectorized and free weight lines. Learn More
Items 1 to 20 of 34 total
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