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Racks & Rigs Attachments

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  1. Adjustable Step-up/Stretch Training Module - CT Add on

    The step up station is one of the most versatile modules on the rack. From simple step exercises to explosive plyometric routines, legs, glutes, core and cardio conditioning explode from this platform. The landing surface is textured for a safe and secure usage from all three angles. Learn More
  2. AXT-LPS Leg Press Attachment

    Single station attachment complete with hardware and cable. Telescoping back support adjustment. Large rubber padded press plate. Learn More
  3. Ball Rebounder

    Ball Rebounder Learn More
  4. Ball Target

    Ball Target Learn More
  5. Bar Catcher

    Bar Catcher Learn More
  6. Battle Rope Training Module - CT Add on

    The battle rope station is unique to the CT series. Shoulders and arms burn through a favorite of functional training fanatics. Learn More
  7. Body Solid HEX SYSTEM Plyo Step

    The SR-STEP Plyo Step allows for all the same plyo box exercises in a fully-adjustable platform easily attachable to your Hexagon rig system. Learn More
  8. Body Solid HEX SYSTEM Suspension Rings

    HEX SYSTEM Suspension Rings helps your gymnastic training to your regime with the SP-SUSP Suspension Rings add-on to your Hexagon Rig System. Perfect for use with pull-ups, front and back levers, ring dips and much more. Learn More
  9. Body Solid Weight Tree Attachment

    This 1” plate horn accommodates both standard and Olympic plates Learn More
  10. DIP

  11. Dip Attachment PXLS-7998

    Easily attaches to main frame uprights and securely fastened by pull-pin. Learn More
  12. Dip Handles - CT Add on

    Built for work and play, the monkey bars, fat grip chins and parallel suspension bars create a platform to develop upper body and core strength. Learn More
  13. Dual Bar Catches PXLS-7999

    Integrated J-hook design featuring 1" solid steel SwingLock bar catches. Learn More
  14. Ground Rotational Trainer

    Ground Rotational Trainer Learn More

    The SLPI-HC includes a 6 x 8 foot platform and an insert that fits the Torque Fitness Half Cage, Squat Rack, Arsenal and Armament Systems. The molded waffle bottom platform is built to handle high impact training and is sized perfectly for Torque Cages. The platform features beveled edges all around and a precision cut interlocking system. Learn More
  16. Heavy Bag Training Module

    The CT Series is the only multi-use rack with a full size heavy bag option. Built tough to handle an 80 or 100 pound heavy bag without dominating the rest of your functional training system, cross trainers and self defense enthusiast will appreciate this addition to their routines. Learn More
Items 1 to 20 of 37 total
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  2. 2