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Sports Training

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    The Directional Speed Trainer is a powerful lateral movement trainer tht helps develop foot speed, stride length, and strength. Allows for explosive change-of-direction training: forward, backward, lateral. Learn More
  2. Keiser Stretch Corner

    Keiser’s Stretch Corner is capable of accommodating the same stretches as the Stretch Zone, while occupying less floor space. With a footprint of only 24 sq ft/2.2 m, it not only fits almost any facility, but since four people using the Stretch Zone take up less room than they would lying on the floor, you can actually capture valuable footage. Backed by a 10-year structural warranty, the Stretch Corner is built to take year after year of wear and tear. Learn More

    The Power Pull is a competitive training tool that focuses on hip flexors to develop core strength, power and leg drive. Connected back-to-back, two athletes fight for position while keeping a forward lean. Learn More

    The Smart Plyo Boxes are stable and durable, with steel construction and fully-welded frames. The 24-inch box features 8 exercises, laser printed on one side, for easy reference. Tops are reinforced plywood with a thick rubber surface for safety. Legs are constructed at a 6 degree angle to prevent tipping, with rubber bottoms to protect floor surfaces and prevent sliding during workouts. Learn More

    The Quick-Release Leash combines fixed resistance with overload release for explosive speed training. Safety is the key advantage of this product, since it eliminates the danger of the runner tripping over a dangling leash. Order with Speed Harness Trainer for maximum versatility. Learn More
  6. SMART HURDLE, SET OF 6 - Yellow

    The Smart Hurdle Sets are designed with both athletes and coaches in mind. With 5 sizes to choose from, there's a perfect fit for every training session. Smart Hurdles improve lateral drills, while helping storage problems disappear with the fold-flat support leg. Learn More
  7. TireFlip 180

    The TireFlip 180 is an innovative new functional training device that gives you all the benefits of tire training in a safe, space saving design. Learn More
  8. TireFlip 180 XL

    The TireFlip 180XL is an innovative new functional training device that gives you all the benefits of tire training in a safe, space saving design. Learn More
  9. True Stretch Golf 800SS

    At TRUE Fitness, we're always looking for innovative ways to help our customers play better and live healthier. As with any sport, flexibility training for golf can help you swing better, hit straighter and reduce the chance of injury both before and after your round. Stretching is of utmost importance for golfers who want to see overall improvement in their performance on the links. Learn More
  10. True Stretch Pro

    The TRUEStretch is a revolutionary concept that uses the natural approach to flexibility training. It helps users look and feel better while reducing their risk of injury. The TRUEStretch can also boost your reputation as a cutting-edge golf course or fitness and sports training facility, driving up your membership retention and growth. Learn More
  11. VIPER 360 BELT SET

    The Viper 360 Belt Set is a premium speed-belt system that helps athletes improve sprinting, leaping, and directional quickness. Padded waist belt for comfort. Easily switch between resistance and assistance modes. Learn More
11 Item(s)