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Steppers & Climbers

Steppers & Climbers

Fantastic selection of stepper machines and stepmills from Core Health & Fitness, FreeMotion, Spirit and more.

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  1. Core 8-TC TreadClimber® - PVS

    The TreadClimber® by Star Trac redefines traditional cardio workouts. This intuitive machine uses dual ramping decks that provide an incline to flat step pattern to capture the benefits of a Treadmill, Elliptical and Stepper. With adjustable personal fans, users don’t even realize they are burning twice the calories. Learn More
  2. Cybex 800s Stepper

    Cybex 800s Stepper Learn More
  3. Magnum NexStep S530HA Recumbent Stepper

    NexStep™ provides natural feel, biomechanical integrity, and complete stabilization. The S530HA model features easy entry and exit with step through design. Learn More
  4. Magnum NexStep S600A Recumbent Stepper w/ Swivel Seat

    NexStep™ provides natural feel, biomechanical integrity, and complete stabilization. The S600A model features easy entry and exit with step through design as well as a swivel seat for even easier accessability. Learn More
  5. Nautilus TC916 Treadclimber treadmill -RM

    Nautilus TC916 Treadclimber treadmill -RM Learn More
  6. Precor C764 Stepper

    Precor C764 Stepper Learn More
  7. Precor 776i Experience Series Stepper w/PVS HDTV

    Precor climber uses a low friction, self-powered generator systems and a belt drive that doesn't collect dust or stretch like a cable drive Learn More
  8. SPIRIT CRS800 Stepper

    The CRS800 Recumbent Stepper is the perfect solution for those wanting a low-impact, full-body workout, while performing a functional movement with minimal stress on lower body joints. The seated stepping motion utilizes a linked, linear motion enabling users to self-adjust the stroke length to accommodate their range-of motion capabilities. The smooth stepping action is complemented with oversized cushioned foot pedals, linked natural upper body motion with large cushioned multi-grip handles, a Learn More
  9. StairMaster TreadClimber 5 - TC5

    Burn twice as many calories on a StairMaster TreadClimber 5 - TC5 Learn More
  10. StairMaster 4000PT Stepper

    StairMaster 4000 PT Stepper features a classic stepping motion established in the 1980s. Learn More
  11. Star Trac E-STe Stepper

    Revolutionary embedded 15“ HD touch screen aligns each user’s workout with their entry goals and intuitive programs on this E Series Stepper Machine Learn More
  12. Star Trac E-STi Stepper w/ PVS Kit & MFi

    Integrated 15“ HD personal viewing screen with dedicated intuitively placed channel and volume controls provides a personalized viewing experience. This model also features the PVS entertainment kit an dMFi. Learn More
  13. Star Trac 4100 Stepper

    Durable heavy-duty steel frame, providing excellent stability during workout Learn More
  14. Star Trac E-ST Stepper

    This Star Trac E Series E-ST Stepper comes pre-wired for E Series PVS entertainment system. Learn More
14 Item(s)