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True Fitness Equipment

17 Item(s)
  1. True 600R Recumbent Bike

    True recumbent bike features easy access thumb controls. Learn More
  2. True 600R Recumbent Bike - CS

    Pre-owned True 600R Recumbent Bike Learn More
  3. True 825 Soft System Treadmill - CS

    Pre-owned / Used True 825 Soft System Treadmill Learn More
  4. True 825 Treadmill

  5. True CTX825 treadmill - CS

    Pre-owned True CTX825 Treadmill Learn More
  6. True LC900 Recumbent Bike - CS

    Pre-owned True LC900 Recumbent Bike Learn More
  7. True PS100 Elliptical - CS

    Pre-owned True PS100 Elliptical Learn More
  8. True PS900 Treadmill - CS

    Pre-owned True PS900 Treadmill Learn More
  9. True Stretch Golf 800SS

    At TRUE Fitness, we're always looking for innovative ways to help our customers play better and live healthier. As with any sport, flexibility training for golf can help you swing better, hit straighter and reduce the chance of injury both before and after your round. Stretching is of utmost importance for golfers who want to see overall improvement in their performance on the links. Learn More
  10. True Stretch Pro

    The TRUEStretch is a revolutionary concept that uses the natural approach to flexibility training. It helps users look and feel better while reducing their risk of injury. The TRUEStretch can also boost your reputation as a cutting-edge golf course or fitness and sports training facility, driving up your membership retention and growth. Learn More
  11. True TSX Elliptical

    TRUE TSX elliptical incorporates TRUE's patented Core Drive system to deliver the most comfortable, natural and stable workout in the industry Learn More
  12. True Z7 Bike - CS

    Pre-owned True Z7 Exercise Bike Learn More
  13. True Z7 Elliptical - CS

    Pre-owned True Z7 Elliptical Learn More
  14. True Z8 Elliptical

    True Z8 Elliptical Learn More
  15. True Z8 Recumbent Bike - CS

    Pre-owned True Z8 Recumbent Bike Learn More
  16. True Z8 Treadmill - CS

    Pre-owned True Z8 Treadmill Learn More
  17. True ZTX 8.1 Treadmill - CS

    Pre-owned True ZTX 8.1 Treadmill Learn More
17 Item(s)