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Used Indoor Cycles

Bring cycling into your fitness faciltiy or home with new & used indoor cycles.

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  1. CycleOps Cycle Pro 300PT

    Cycleops Indoor Cycles allows you to actually measure and record power output for the first time ever. Learn More
  2. FreeMotion s11.6 Indoor Cycle

    Advanced features and a refined design encompass the FreeMotion S11.8. Ergonomically built to fit most riders and created to withstand heavy use, this bike is great for every facility. Learn More
  3. Used FreeMotion s11.8 Indoor Cycle

    Welcome to the ultimate cycling experience. With sophisticated features designed for your members, the S11.8 cycle delivers comfort, convenience and performance in every workout. Learn More
  4. Keiser Indoor Cycle

    Rear flywheel keeps tension consistent and unaffected by sweat moisture Learn More
  5. Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

    Keiser M3 features magnetic resistance and is made in USA Learn More
  6. Lemond Revmaster Pro Indoor Cycle Bike

    Kevlar belt drive indoor cycle with micro adjustable handlebars and seat Learn More
  7. Lemond Revmaster Indoor Cycle Bike

    Lemond Revmaster Indoor Cycle Bike Learn More

    The RevMaster Sport combines the large high quality features of the unique Lemond RevMaster with the standard handlebar - generating it our most inexpensive product. Not only does the RevMaster Activity give you a terrific exercise routine, it is entertaining to journey - with straightforward changes to the seat and handlebars to make your exercise routine at ease and successful. Learn More
  9. S4 Indoor Cycling Bike

    This solid, reliable indoor cycling bike provides excellent performance for even the most intense bike rides. Commercial quality components and construction provide long-lasting durability Learn More
  10. S2 Indoor Bike

    Bring your group cycling class into your home with the affordable LifeSpan S2 Indoor Bike. This easy to use, smooth and quiet exercise bike gives you a great cardio workout with a natural feel of cycling outdoors. Learn More
  11. H5x Hybrid Cycle

    Intuitive LED console display. Compatible with iPod for charging. Integrated 3-speed personal fan. WiFi enabled for use with Matrix Asset Management system. Innovative command seating position ensures a convenient and comfortable workout. Step-thru entry for easy access. Learn More
  12. Reebok Studio Cycle Indoor Bike

    Reebok Studio Cycle Indoor Bike Learn More
  13. Schwinn Johnny G Indoor Cycle

    Chain drive indoor cycle bike with a 38lb flywheel Learn More
  14. Schwinn Evolution Indoor Cycle

    Schwinn Evolution Indoor Cycle Learn More
  15. Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike

    Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike Learn More
  16. Schwinn IC Elite Indoor Cycling Bike

    Schwinn IC Elite Indoor Cycling Bike Learn More
  17. Schwinn IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

    Schwinn IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Learn More
  18. IC Pro20™

    The Schwinn® Authentic Cycling™ Series is primarily based on one particular easy principle: we think that riding a bike indoors need to really feel as considerably like riding an outdoor bike as probable. We adore the way bikes feel, we love the way they audio, and we adore the fantastic workout they can supply. Cycling is the #2 most-common fitness activity in the entire world, so we know that a whole lot of men and women feel the same way! Learn More
  19. Star Trac Spinner® NXT 7170

    Sleek steel frame design with zinc dip coating for superior rust prevention. Learn More
Items 1 to 20 of 33 total
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