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Used Lower Body

Used Lower Body

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  1. Cybex 700r Recumbent Bike-cs

    Accurately simulates the performance, feel and challenge of riding a real 21-speed bicycle Learn More
  2. Cybex 700u Upright Bike-CS

    Cybex 700 Upright is quieter, smoother, and more comfortable than most other upright bikes in its class Learn More
  3. Cybex 750 Upright Bike - CS

    Cybex Upright Bike features extra wide double sided pedal design accommodates any size foot Learn More
  4. Cybex Cyclone 530c Upright Bike

    Multi-position design of handle bars accommodates riding styles from upright to aero and is equipped with two sets of contact heart rate grips. Learn More
  5. Cybex Cyclone Recumbent Bike

    Featuring Eddy current brake with brushless internal generator for low drag and high power capability Learn More
  6. HCI Fitness PhysioStep MDX Recumbent Elliptical w/ Swivel Seat

    The used PhysioStep MDX features a large, oversized comfortable swivel seat that adjusts easily and rotates 90 degrees making this unit the most accessible for people with low mobility. Learn More
  7. Life Fitness 93r Recumbent Bike

    Self generating requires no external power and a comfortable recumbent seat Learn More
  8. Life Fitness 9500 NG Upright Bike HR

    Belt drive system is virtually maintenance-free with smooth, quiet operation Learn More
  9. Life Fitness 95ci Upright Bike

    Life Fitness 95ci features a Comfort curve Seat with easy adjustments Learn More
  10. Matrix H5x Hybrid Cycle - CS

    This Used Matrix H5x Hybrid Cycle has an intuitive LED console display. Compatible with iPod for charging. Learn More
  11. NuStep T4 Recumbent Cross Trainer Elliptical (TRS 4000)- CS

    NuStep T4 Recumbent Cross Trainer Elliptical (TRS 4000) Learn More
  12. NuStep T5 Recumbent Cross Trainer Elliptical- CS

    Enjoy the ultra quiet operation and smoother stepping motion of NuStep's new belt drive train. This innovative system avoids the noise of typical exercise machines and offers a smooth ride at any stepping rate. Learn More
  13. NuStep T5xr Recumbent Cross Trainer Elliptical-CS

    After a four-year collaborative effort that drew on the expertise of exercise physiologists, ergonomic specialists and especially our customers, NuStep, Inc. is proud to introduce the T5XR Recumbent Cross Trainer. Learn More
  14. Precor 846-U Upright Bike

    Precor 846i upright bike features 18 to 500 Watts of resistance Learn More
  15. Precor 846i-R Experience Series Recumbent Bike w/PVS HDTV

    The recumbent seats are designed for comfort across a wide range of body types. The upright seat has a ratcheting system for easy adjustments. Learn More
  16. Precor 846i-U Experience Series Upright Bike w/PVS HDTV

    Precor 846i Upright bike features a double step-up drive gives users a smooth, quiet exercise experience with a HDTV included Learn More
  17. Precor 846R Recumbent Bike

    Precor 846R recumbent bike features Full Back support and a properly angled contoured seat provide maximum comfort. Learn More
  18. Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike-CS

    Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike Learn More
  19. Scifit PRO2 Total Body Ergometer-CS

    The industry's most versatile rehabilitation tool. Learn More
  20. Scifit RST7000 Recumbent Stepper-CS

    User-defined stride length makes the RST7000 great for therapy and wellness. Learn More
Items 1 to 20 of 37 total
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