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Utility Benches

Utility Benches

New and used utility benches, perfect for both gyms and homes, from Nautilus, Cybex, Matrix Fitness, Life Fitness, Hammer and more.

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  1. Inflight Flat Bench

    Tripod design. Learn More
  2. Inflight VKR Vertical Knee Raise/Dip Inflight

    Inward angled arm pads. Properly angled grips for dip and knee raise. Learn More
  3. Nautilus 0-90 Adjustable Utility Bench

    This bench has a ratcheting seat pad and back pad adjustment. No pop pins, making it strong and reliable. Back pad folds over the seat pad in incline position, eliminating the gap between the two pads. Learn More
  4. Nautilus Flat Utility Bench

    This Flat Utility Bench features a stable, 47“ long back pad that is 10“ wide at the chest position. Convenient transport handle and wheels allow for ease in moving. The solid tripod base sits evenly on the floor. Learn More
  5. Nautilus Preacher Curl Bench

    The Preacher Curl machine has brushed chrome-plated bar holders that protect the uprights. The pad supports user’s upper arm, and doesn’t impinge the elbow. This allows for better activation of the biceps. Walk-in design and easy height adjustment promotes an optimal seat angle and moves smaller users closer to the arm pad. Learn More
  6. Nautilus Seated Utility Bench

    The Seated Utility bench back pad reclines 10?? for proper torso support, and the seat pad reclines 5??, adding to user stability. Back pad to seat pad: 95??. Convenient wheels allow for ease in moving. Learn More
  7. Precor Icarian Back -CS

  8. Precor Icarian Standing Preacher Curl-CS

    This Precor Icarian Standing Preacher Curl may also be part of a complete circuit. Learn More
11 Item(s)