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Woodway Treadmill-CS

Availability: Call for availability

The ELG is the ultimate training tool for athletes seeking to take their sports performance training to the highest level.
This refurbished Woodway Treadmill is designed for medical rehab.
Condition Cleaned & Serviced
Product Type Commercial Fitness Equipment
Features • Menu driven color LCD screen • 10 pre programmed workouts • Ability to create custom user workouts (up to 99) • Fitness testing (pre-loaded U.S. Military, Medical, and Fire Department protocols) • Multiple LED Readouts (speed, incline, distance, calories, time, pace, heart rate, and METs) (**OPTIONAL) SINGLE HANDRAIL Allows easy on and off accessibility for fast paced interval training that won’t slow the heart rate down. (**OPTIONAL) GANTRY SYSTEM The Gantry System is a safety device designed to prevent injury due to falls. The overhead system utilizes a harness to suspend individuals above the running surface in the event of a fall. The Gantry system includes one harness (any size) and a rope suspension system.

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